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Halloween and Fireworks Night: What Can a Wet Wipe Supplier Provide?

The Autumnal holidays and a wet wipe supplier aren’t necessarily two things you would expect to go hand in hand. But, as it happens, the range of products Guardpack supplies can come in very handy at this time of year! Our mywipe products, for example, are ideal for families enjoying the season’s festivities – something we will go into in more detail below.

For businesses, on the other hand, we provide a great opportunity to expand product ranges; we even offer some spooky branding! In fact, research shows that half of the UK’s population buy Halloween products on a whim, making Halloween-themed branding an excellent decision. It may too late to switch up your packaging in time for Halloween this year, but next year it could be something to consider. Or even for Christmas!

Face Paint Removal

Painted faces are rife at the tail-end of October. So much so, that this is probably the face paint industry’s busiest time of year! Guardpack, however, is a wet wipe supplier, and we provide the goods that are needed at the end of the night. Once the evening of trick or treating is over, or the raucous Halloween party dies down in the early hours of the morning, the face paint must come off before bed. This is where an appropriate wipe comes in handy.

Individual Make-Up Remover Wipes are ideal for this. Infused with natural extracts of green tea, aloe vera and chamomile, these convenient wipes have been carefully formulated to gently remove even the toughest eye make-up and face paints. These sachets would be a perfect inclusion to the face paint kits, whether it be a mywipe branded wipe or your own brand under private label.

Trick or Treat Clean-Up

Many little trick-or-treaters will patiently wait until their home before digging into their mound of chocolate and sweets. Others will be snacking between houses. Either way, a few wipes to mitigate the chances of sticky fingerprints finding their way onto walls, windows, remote controls and essentially everywhere they’re not wanted, is something every parents should keep on their person as they accompany their little ones on a trick or treating adventure.

The Antibacterial Hand & Surface Sanitising Wipes mywipe offers are perfect for this scenario. Their non-sticky formula dries quickly and is completely safe for children, leaving them with a gentle minty lemon fragrance. The alcohol-free formula is effective within 30 seconds. It kills 99.999% of germs, making it one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ killing properties available today. Furthermore, it will provide a residual barrier to your hands. This continues to protect your skin for up to 6 hours after use!

Calming Products for Dogs

It’s ​​estimated that between 25% and 45% of all dogs show signs of fear when faced with fireworks. So, taking steps to reduce our furry friend’s anxiety is certainly recommended.

There are multiple great sprays and solutions on the market, which are ideal to help calm our pets. Impregnating these solutions into a wet wipe are an ideal and convenient source of application. At Guardpack, we can easily manufacture under private label on your behalf. You can learn more about the benefits of private label, and how it differs from white label, here.

Guardpack Can Help!

With over 2 decades of experience creating custom liquid filled sachets for our customers, at the wet wipe supplier Guardpack, we can help any brand with their wet wipe and sachet needs – whether they’re Halloween themed or not!

Sachets can be custom branded to compliment and fit perfectly into your existing product range. Our pumps can fill sachets with volumes of liquid, gels and creams from as small as 1ml up to 40ml – accurate to 0.1ml. Alternatively, our custom wet-wipe offering can be produced in sachets from 50mm x 50mm up to 140mm x 150mm. Wipes can be cut and folded up to a size of 500mm x 230mm. Our sachets can be created using a variety of materials, ranging from kraft laminates to microwavable, recyclable options.

Our product runs can start in low quantities, at just 2,000 sachets! Ideal for companies looking to create promotional materials, test products or simply provide samples alongside other products. We also have the capability to scale up massively, however, depending on your requirements.

We also offer our own range of approved formulae, which we can add your branding to. This can slot straight into your product offering, without having to spend the time and money on costly product development.

Contact Us

So, if you would like to make an enquiry about custom liquid sachets, or any of our other services, please get in touch! You can reach us on 01245 505807 or email us at

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