Flow Pack Machine to manufacture multi pack wet wipes

Guardpack’s flow pack offering is ideal for manufacturing multi pack wet wipes

Guardpack are very proud of our flow pack offering for multi pack wet wipes. We can help bring your product to life with our highly customisable fleet of machinery. Our flow wrapping machine, in combination with tissue cutting equipment, can produce resealable multi packs containing between 5 to 50 wipes. Due to the versatility of our machines, we have complete control, with multiple wipe sizes and packaging weights, depending on your requirements.

We can also impregnate the wipes with nearly any liquid, so don’t be afraid to reach out! If you have your own formula then we can help turn it into a wet wipe product. Alternatively, we carry several of our own formulae here at Guardpack, but we can also source a formula for you as part of our private label service if you are looking for something new.

Private label multi pack wet wipe products

Our full range of UK manufacturing services, including our packaging options, custom branding and product versatility make us a great choice of partner to work with for any wet wipe requirements.

Many mywipe products are also available as a private label wet wipe solution. This is a great way to expand your own product offering, without having to spend a significant amount of time and money on product development.

Multi pack wet wipes are a great solution for products intended for daily, or near-daily, use. With that said, here are some examples of the industries and types of products we can help you to manufacture.

Multi pack wet wipes for the cosmetic industry

In the cosmetic industry there are many examples of products that exist in multi pack wipe form. One of the most common of these is a product used in the billions every year in the UK. Makeup remover wipes. With this product so ingrained in our society, it isn’t hard to picture many other wet wipe products being popular.

Going hand-in-hand with makeup removers is facial cleansing wipes and deep-pore cleaning wipes. These are great for treating acne and oily skin, removing dirt and pore-clogging impurities, which can cause spots. These wipes are designed to deeply cleanse skin to leave it feeling refreshed. Products like this tend to be used every day, making the multi pack the obvious choice.

Similarly, eyelid wipes are rising in popularity, especially for those who suffer from dry and sensitive eyes. They can also be used to help with conditions around the eyes such as MGD and Blepharitis.

Multi pack wet wipes for home use

Another area where wet wipes are prevalent is for home use. For example, the mywipe multi-surface antibacterial wipes with STERiZAR® are perfect for use on kitchen counters, killing off 99.999% of bacteria. Likewise, they can also be used around the rest of the house, from door handles and light switches to tables and bathrooms.

Leather wipes are another product that are useful for many homes. Furniture, purses and, of course, shoes are all in need of a clean every now and again. Some cleaning agents, however, can make leather feel sticky or could even damage the grain. Using specially created leather wipes will help you avoid situations like this.

Similarly to leather wipes, wooden furniture and floor wipes will help to leave you with the best finish. Some formulae have also been created to specifically to remove rings and marks left by objects placed directly onto these surfaces.

Gone are the days that you’d be stopped by a shoeshine boy on the street to buffer your boots. Nowadays you are much better off with a quick solution you can do from home. Depending on the material, you could use the previously mentioned leather wipes, else there are other multi pack wipes that are perfect for leaving by the front door, ready for whenever you need them.

In more recent years, people are also taking a lot more care of trainers, or sneakers if you prefer the Americanisation. This is especially prevalent now we are being faced with trainers like Nike’s Jordans, which can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds for rare pairs. Multi pack wipe products based around keeping them “fresh” are booming in popularity.

Multi pack wet wipes for babies, toddlers and grown ups

Multi pack baby wipes are a speciality of ours here at Guardpack, with both normal and biodegradable options available in our mywipe range. Wipes like these are specially designed to be used on sensitive skin, so although that is great for babies and toddlers, adults can benefit from using baby wipes too. You never know when you’re going to encounter a mess that needs wiping up. Obviously with the young’uns this is much more likely, but we know plenty of adults that are accident prone and could do with having a pack of wipes at hand wherever they go!

Multi pack wet wipes for offices

As companies are getting people back into offices, hygiene is more important than ever in the workplace. Ensuring employees have easy access to antibacterial wipes for their hands, screens, and regularly touched surfaces is a great way to promote good hygiene and help to reduce the spread of viruses. A shared multi pack of wet wipes is a great addition to any office.

Multi pack wet wipes for cars

Multi packs of wet wipes are a great product to keep in your car. They will fit nicely in the glovebox so you can easily grab one to give your interior a wipe to keep it clean and tidy. There are many high touch surfaces in a car, from the steering wheel and the gearstick to all the buttons on your dash. In the interest of hygiene, these should be wiped regularly to kill off any bacteria and viruses.

Glass wipes are also good to have at hand in case you need to wipe fingerprints off your windows, or worse, bird droppings on the outside.


Speaking of animals, the pet sector is huge. In 2020 the pet sector’s market value was over £6billion. People love to splash on their pets. This, combined with how mucky pets can get, opens up a good opportunity for the pet wet wipe market. Having a multi pack by the back door or out in your car is perfect for cleaning off their paws (and other areas…) before they drag that mess all over your house or car.

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So, if you are interested in our private label wet wipes or using our flow pack services to create multi pack wet wipes, get in touch! Give us a call on 01245 505807 or email trade@guardpack.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you.

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