Guardpack Customers FAQ’s

People often have questions about our products and the services we provide. They want to make sure they’re getting the best possible result and we don’t blame them! There are many questions Guardpack get asked by customers old and new, so in this blog, we’re going to answer them all in one place. This FAQ blog will cover our services, how we make our products, and how you can utilise them for the betterment of your business.

Who Are Guardpack?

Privately owned and based in Chelmsford, Essex, Guardpack are the UK’s most established contract manufacturer of individual wet wipe sachets. We have produced more bespoke and personalised wet wipe sachets than any other company since 1995. Guardpack specialise in the manufacture of wet wipe sachets and multipacks, alongside contract sachet filling of liquid and cream sachets.

What Products Do Guardpack Offer?

Our products can benefit many people in many areas of business. Whether you operate in personal care and cosmetics, home and office, industrial and automotive or restaurants, we have the right product for you. Some of what we offer includes:

  • Alcohol free wipes
  • Hand and body cleansing wipes
  • Shampoo and conditioner sachets
  • Stain remover sachets
  • Multi surface cleaning wipes
  • Adhesive remover
  • Degreasing wipes
  • Leather and upholstery wipes

What Packaging Options Are There?

As you can see, we provide an extensive list of products here at Guardpack, but what about the specifics of those packaging options? Our individual wet wipes are the low cost alternative multipack wet wipes. We can impregnate these wipes with simple cleansing liquid or even strong adhesive remover. Our flow wrapping machine allows us to offer multipack wet wipes with between 5 and 50 wipes per pack and to have flexibility over the size of the wipe and what liquid goes into the packs. Guardpack can also fill sachets with creams, liquids, and gels in orders as low as 2000 units.

What Fabric Are Guardpack’s Wet Wipes Made Of?

Depending on the intended use of the wipes we have a wide range of fabrics to meet your needs. Including fully biodegradable plastic free tissue crepe, 100% viscose and 100% cotton wipes, as well as abrasive nonwoven materials for those really tough jobs.

How Are Sachet Designs Printed?

Depending on your volumes and budgets we have a range of print options to suit you, including full colour flexographic and digital print providing high quality products at exceptionally

competitive prices.

Can I Put My Own Liquid Formulation in A Sachet?

Guardpack hold a large number of pre-formulated high quality liquid including shower gel, baby cleansers and sun creams that have been formulated and tested according to regulations. You can use these within your product, or you can provide your own bulk liquid (subject to testing) as long as is it has been formulated according to regulations and meets our requirements.

Contact Guardpack

If you have any further questions about any of our products or services, please get in touch! Give us a call on 01245 505 807, or email us at

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