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Getting Ready for The Pharmacy Show at the NEC Birmingham – Guardpack’s list of Pharmacy Product Essentials

Here at Guardpack, we have our own range of consumer brand products under the mywipe label that are ideal for sale in chemists, as well as by wholesale and distribution clients. We thought we would give you a quick rundown of some of the essentials that could be key sellers in your Pharmacy.

mywipe Sun Cream Sachets

Summer may now be officially over, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead for next year. Some are lucky enough to be able to head abroad on holidays this year too! Individual sachets of sun cream are great for days out in the sun, offering protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Our quick-drying, non-greasy, SPF25 formula offers a medium level of protection, blocking 96% of UVB rays that come in contact with your skin. They are also perfect for travel, being compliant with airline restrictions. mywipe packaging is also very resilient, so there is no risk of spills or leaks in suitcases or hand luggage.

Importantly, our sun cream sachets are safe for kids. Now that they are back in school, it doesn’t have to be difficult to keep them topped up with sun cream to stay safe from the rays whilst not under your watchful eye. Simply throw a couple of sachets in their bags and you won’t have to worry about it. Our sun cream formula was carefully designed to ensure it is safe for everyone, even those with sensitive skin. People often shop in a pharmacy for products like this, which are specially created with them in mind.

mywipe sun cream sachets come in packs of 20 or cases of 500, making them a very cost-effective sun protection solution for customers and for our wholesale and distribution clients.

mywipe Insect Repellent Wipes

Likewise with the sun cream sachets, we might be heading a little out of season, but people are still heading off on much needed holidays after the last couple of years we’ve endured. Our individually packaged, kid friendly, insect repellent wipes contain the highly effective Citrepel 75®. This is a formula that contains 75% PMD, a naturally-sourced active ingredient which offers the best protection on the market against little critters. Yes, even better effectiveness than DEET!

To recap, mywipe insect repellent wipes are a natural product, rather than synthetic like DEET, it is fine to be used on children aged 6 months and up, and it outperforms the alternatives. Why would you use anything else?

Our mywipe insect repellent wipes are available in handy resealable packs of 20 or cases of 2000.

mywipe Plaster Removal Wipes

It’s bad enough getting injured to the point of needing a plaster, without having the added inconvenience of the sticky residue left over when you take it off. Trying to remove this can take a lot of rubbing, which isn’t ideal for skin that has been recently injured!

Our best-in-market plaster removal wipes contain a carefully concocted combo of essential oils, which gently removes that horrible, tacky adhesive. Quick and painless. These wipes are perfectly safe for use on children, which is handy, considering most of the plasters are used on them! They are also great at removing temporary tattoos and transfers, so there’s no need for frantic scrubbing before sending them off to school.

The mywipe plaster removal wipes come in packs of 20 individual sachets, in a convenient resealable pack. They would be the perfect addition to any pharmacy.

mywipe Antibacterial Wipes

Whilst it has always been important, hygiene is key to staying safe and protecting others in our current climate. Guardpack have a range of wipes suitable for surfaces or hands to help combat this issue. From multi-packs of antiviral wipes to individual sachets, our wipes kill 99.999% of bacteria and the versatile selection means there is a solution for any requirement.

These minty lemon wipes are available in cases of 500 individual wipes or cases of 48 12-wipe packs.

As mentioned previously, we are also doing our bit for the environment, introducing the UK’s first biodegradable hand wipes in recyclable packaging. On top of being environmentally-friendly wet wipes, they are also microwave-safe so they can be heated up and used warm. Of course, they are also superb cold, for a cool, refreshing feel.

These individually wrapped eco-friendly wet wipes are available in boxes of 500 and are ideal for wholesale and distributors.

mywipe Baby Wipes

Every parent knows the importance of having baby wipes with them anywhere they go with their babies and toddlers. From cleaning up whilst changing a nappy to clearing up any other mess they manage to make on themselves, having wipes close to hand is essential.

Baby wipes are one of our specialities at Guardpack. We offer a couple of different products in the mywipe range in this category. Firstly, we have the mywipe ultra soft baby wipes. This product consists of individually packaged sachets, which is a really handy product to have with whilst out and about. These baby wipes are carefully formulated with natural extracts of aloe vera and chamomile to cleanse, soothe and protect babies’ skin.

The formula for our baby wipes is perfectly PH balanced and is perfume, alcohol and parabens free. These individual baby wipes are available in cartons of 20 or a case of 1000, to suit any pharmacy’s needs.

We also offer an eco-friendly product in the mywipe range – 100% Biodegradable Ultra Soft Baby Wipes. These unscented wipes are made from 100% natural renewable viscose which is fully biodegradable and can decompose completely. They are still very gentle on your baby’s skin, as well as being gentle on the planet – both equally important.

Of course, it wouldn’t be very eco-friendly if these were manufactured abroad and had to be shipped across the world. No, our wipes are manufactured right here in the UK, massively reducing the product’s carbon footprint. These wipes are available in a case of 30 packs, each of which contains 24 wipes. This makes it the perfect product to sell in store at a pharmacy.

White label products

All of our mywipe products are also available as a white label solution. This means that we can add your branding to our fantastic range of products. We offer this as a perfect solution for any pharmacy or other business that wants to expand their own offering, without the expenditure of product development. They are also great for giveaways at tradeshows and as complimentary gifts.

Meet the team!

Speaking of tradeshows, we will be exhibiting at the Pharmacy Show on 17th & 18th October at the NEC Birmingham, Hall 4, Stand A60. Come by and we can have a chat about your requirements. Alternatively, if you’re not going to be at the show, please get in touch for more information!

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