A person pumping hand sanitizer from a dispense onto their hands.

COVID-19: Some hand sanitisers have less alcohol than label says, and not enough to kill COVID, Which? says

Understandably at the start of the pandemic, sanitizing products were difficult to source.  In order to keep up with supply and demand, the amount of products entering the supply chain that did not conform to safety standards and were labelled with unsubstantiated claims, was astonishing. It is good to see Which? identifying some of these products, which will hopefully result in removal of the items.

It is the responsibility of the person or company, who places a product on the market, to ensure it meets the relevant standards, in many cases it will be a case of misinformation provided by a manufacturer.  Always check with your manufacturer that your product has been labelled correctly and all claims can be supported and remember to ask for evidence.

Whilst the article below from Sky News highlights the current issue, it should also be noted that just because a product doesn’t contain 60-90% alcohol it can still be proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria and be effective against enveloped viruses, including all coronaviruses and SARS‐CoV‐2.  There are many good alcohol free based gels and wet wipe formulas on the market that have been tested and are certified to meet these claims, always check the labeling carefully and understand what is in your product.


Guardpack’s private label Alcohol Gel sachets contain 65% Ethanol and are tested to EN1276 and EN1500.  It is currently on test for EN14476.   Documentation available on request.





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