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Specialist Wet Wipe & Sachet Manufacturer

Labelling and Ingredients

Cosmetics must be packaged and labelled with specific information. As the Brand Owner, you are responsible for ensuring your packaging adheres to the regulations and therefore it may be necessary to amend your artwork to this effect. Please note artwork changes may be subject to a plate charge of £65.00 per colour.

Your artwork labelling must include the following:

  • An address within the European Union (generally where the Product Information File is available). If two addresses are shown on the packaging then the address of the Registered Person should be underlined.
  • The full declaration of ingredients (see ‘ingredient labelling’); this includes any allergens present.
  • Where applicable, an indication of how long the product remains usable after opening or a ‘best before’ indication if the product is likely to deteriorate within 30 months of manufacture.
  • If the sachet is in an outer package (e.g. a carton) the labelling should also be on the carton. If there is no outer packaging the labelling will be on the sachet.

Please note, for Flow Pack Wipes the Period After Opening symbol should be displayed on the packaging with recommended use by period. For Wet Wipe & Liquid Filled sachets Guardpack manufacture with a minimum of a 3 year expiry, therefore these products are unlikely to deteriorate within 30 months, so the best before is not applicable. Please note however, all Guardpack products display an expiry date as standard. Guardpack will hold the Product Information Files and act as the Responsible Person (RP) for all products manufactured using our own established formulas, it is therefore necessary to include our address on your packaging. Please see example of Sample Sachet Hand Wipe PDF for a Hand Wipe using Guardpack’s forumulation. Guardpack are unable to manufacture product where these guidelines are not followed. Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure your product is up to date. Back to Cosmetic Regulations