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How does this affect Guardpack manufacturing your product?

Guardpack Formulas

Many of the products Guardpack supply to you have been manufactured using our own established formulas. We simply rebrand these products for you with either yourself or your client as the Brand Owner.

Guardpack Ltd will act as the Responsible Person (RP) and will notify your branded product on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). We will create, update and hold the Safety Assessments and Product Information Files and make the information available, if required, to control officers at our address, within a reasonable time period (e.g. 72 hours).

As the Brand Owner the only action on your part is to ensure that your product labelling and packaging is updated which must clearly mandate Guardpack as the Responsible Person (RP), together with a traceable address to us, on your labelling. There will be a minimal cost to yourself for Artwork/Plate changes, however, it will ensure your product remains legally on the market.

In the event where you wish to notify our formulated products with yourself as the Responsible Person (RP), Guardpack will help provide you with the information you require to carry out your own compilation of a Product Information File including banded formulas and test results, so you have the necessary information in which to notify. Please note as the Brand Owner you will be responsible for all costs. We will send out a written mandate for you to sign accepting this responsibility and are unable to carry out product manufacturing without receiving a signed letter back.

Client Formulas or Materials
Where a product is produced using your own formula, liquids or materials and as the Brand Owner, you will be deemed the Responsible Person (RP) and therefore must ensure that your product complies with the regulations and accept responsibility of these products in writing. We will again send out a written mandate for you to sign accepting this responsibility. We are unable to carry out contract manufacturing without receiving a signed letter back.

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