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What is the Cosmetic Regulation?

The Cosmetic Regulation replaced the Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EC (the “Cosmetics Directive” or the “Directive”), which has been governing the composition, safety, labelling and packaging of finished cosmetic products in the European Union since 1976. The replacement became fully effective on 11 July 2013 when all provisions of the Regulation became enforceable.

The new EU Cosmetic Regulation introduced a number of changes that will affect all manufacturers, importers, distributors and brand owners of cosmetic products within the EU.

The changes affect safety assessments and tighten up procedures and practices in all matters related to human health and product safety. The basic controls of ingredients remain the same but have been expanded significantly.

The new Regulation places greater requirements on the Responsible Person, to demonstrate safety and places more rigorous demands on them to generate, keep and update information that exist at present.

Links to copies of the full regulations can be found here.

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