Young sibling at a fast food restaurant and using antibacterial wipes.

Antibacterial Wipes: A Fast Food Establishments Essential

Antibacterial wipes are a necessity that the restaurant and catering industry simply couldn’t do without. From being a fast and efficient back of house cleaning method, to a convenient option for customers to wipe sticky fingers, accessible wet wipes are an essential in this sector.

With national fast-food day on November 16th, this week, our expert team discuss the benefits of antibacterial wet wipes and why they’re fundamental in the catering field.

Supporting Your Team

Whether you’re an award-winning burger bar or locally famous for your fresh fish and chips, you’ll know just how invaluable true team players are. Your staff should be your number one priority. From chefs, bartenders, waiters, waitresses, pot-washers and more, they’re the heart and soul of your establishment! To ensure a well-oiled machine, your team must feel safe, supported and comfortable when they’re at work. If your hygiene standards for customers are of a high expectation, you must deliver the same for your staff.

All-purpose antibacterial wipes are fundamental when it comes to staff hygiene and safety. Having a large pack to hand ensures a clean and maintainable environment, making your staff’s job that bit easier! Our multi-pack hand and surface wipes are ideal for a quick wipe down, or hand clean when staff are busy. They’re also infused with SteriZar formula, which kills 99.999% of bacteria for ultimate peace of mind.

Customer Cleanliness

Did you know that Guardpack have been serving the catering and hospitality sector for over 25 years now? We’re accustomed to the many fast-food establishments nationwide and what antibacterial wipes they’ll need to suit their business needs.

With many types of cuisine to enjoy, the likes of chicken wings, ribs, seafood and many other finger foods will leave customers with sticky hands. With unhygienic finger bowls and thing of the past, wet wipes are a saving grace.

Even before a meal, some customers like to freshen up before tucking in, especially if they’re at a drive thru. A simple handy wet wipe can leave a lasting impression of a company who have their best interests at heart. If they don’t use the wipe there and then, they’ll most likely pop it in a pocket or car glove box for another time. This is where it certainly pays to have a bespoke logo on these little extras.

Branded Wipes for Memorability

Antibacterial wipes can act as pocket-sized advert for your restaurant, ready to be re-discovered during a moment of need. Providing your customers with wet wipes that highlight your branding not only looks professional, but shows a level of care that is too often forgotten. After all, it’s the little things that tend to leave the most impact, right? Simple acts like this make a huge difference to customer experience and can help to establish customer loyalty.

At Guardpack, we provide private label hand cleansing wipes for use before, during and after meals. Promoting your fast-food or restaurant outlet in this way is the perfect next step to develop your brand!

Small Business Options

We also provide low-quantity manufacturing runs, with a minimum of 2,000 units, which is ideal for smaller restaurant businesses. However, if you don’t want to splash on branded hand wipes, but still want to showcase your commitment to hygiene and safety across the board, take a look at our mywipe brand antibacterial wipes. We offer standard and luxury options, either of which is suited to the environmentally conscious catering establishment.

Get in Touch with Our Restaurant Wipe Manufacturer

At Guardpack, we specialise in the manufacture of wet wipes and sachets. We generate more bespoke produce than any other UK company. From private-label individual wipes, to standard eco-conscious multipack options, we can help your food establishment thrive this winter!

With a many different sizing options and a large selection of wipe materials available, all options can be permeated with a range of liquids to suit your business demands. To discuss your requirements or to arrange a quotation please fill out our contact form, or call us directly on 01245 505807. We look forward to hearing from you!

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