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Antibacterial Wet Wipes Encourage a Safe Return for the Travel and Tourism Industry

The return of international travel has been met, unsurprisingly, with great enthusiasm. After months of on-off travel bans, air travel and the prospect of sunnier climes becoming available once again. Those who make their livelihoods from travel and tourism have rightly been rejoicing about welcoming back holidaymakers. One of the hardest periods in living memory is now, hopefully, coming to an end. At Guardpack, the ultimate source of antibacterial wet wipes on the web, we have been looking at ways our product range can be utilised by businesses to provide sanitary solutions for customers as the tourist industry opens up.

It’s worth noting, of course – before we go any further – that restrictions on travel are still (currently, at least) very changeable. With Portugal transferred from a ‘green’ list country to an ‘amber’ list country a prime example of industry uncertainty, a degree of caution remains necessary. That said, here are the ways in which the travel and tourism sector can best (and most safely) return using antibacterial wet wipes.

Holidaying Post-Pandemic

What will holiday-making post-pandemic entail? Will the once care-free, sangria-sipping, beach lovers of previous summer seasons be quite as care-fee as they once were? How willing will hostel-hopping students be to sacrifice cost over comfort (and potential standards in hygiene) now? Will the snowboarding and ski communities still be as keen to hire their equipment before hitting the slopes? Business owners should be sympathetic to the concerns of their guests now more than ever before and be proactive in their approach to provide a clean and safe environment for when they arrive.

Whilst a mask may protect from any respiratory threat, it won’t stop the potential for infection via contaminated surfaces. As your business begins to attract more visitors, unless you employ an army of cleaning staff that are on standby 24/7, keeping tabs on hygiene and sanitation will become difficult. A solution to this would be to offer access to antibacterial wet wipes, allowing your guests to manage their own health and hygiene as and when they see fit.

With different holiday destinations come different opportunities for infection. For instance, beach and pool holidays usually equate to sun loungers and poolside bars. So, being able to freely offer a pack of Guardpack’s antibacterial wet wipes to guests in order to clean or wipe down any public area they plan to spend time soaking up the sunshine at seems logical. Similarly, if you are managing the type of premises which sees a high turnover of guests, such as backpackers and travellers, the potential for contamination could be greater. Offering your guests the chance to swiftly sanitise an area, such as a communal lounge, before they get settled will help put weary minds at rest.

Onboard a Plane or Coach

Airlines and coach companies serve millions of passengers worldwide everyday. Throughout the journey someone makes from their home to their holiday destination, they are likely to come into contact with a number of different surfaces and objects, from armrests and tray tables to in-flight instructions and toilet door handles. Providing Guardpack’s antibacterial wet wipes won’t only help to prevent any dangers of your passengers contracting COVID, but it will also protect against a host of other nasties. Research carried out by microbiologists at Auburn University found traces of MRSA and a specific strain of an E. coli stomach bug that can cause kidney failure on old plane parts. There is also the potential for any number of cold, flu or gastro bugs to be taken on board by passengers, which makes flying a somewhat high-risk activity when thought about.

Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs

COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected some industries worse than others, but it’s fair to say the late-night industry has been hit the hardest. Unfortunately, there is mounting evidence to suggest that this particular sector of hospitality has indeed contributed to the spread of disease and increased infection rates; it has been especially hard for owners of beach bars, restaurants and nightclubs within holiday resorts. With no tourism, and restrictions on locals by various government agencies, once thriving towns and cities in Europe and beyond are now understandably struggling. The next step in the “opening up” saga could be crucial to the survival of many.

Being seen as a business that is taking the threat of viral transmission seriously in the future is going to be important, but will the use of antibacterial wet wipes truly help? In a setting such as a nightclub or a beachside bar, where loud music and the hustle and bustle of patrons is inevitable, remaining cautious of the potential for infection is paramount. Our range of hand and surface wipes, which are effective within 30 seconds and can kill 99.999% of surface germs, will provide the right amount of protection for your customers. Not only do our wipes provide much-needed reassurance for clientele, our private-label service means your venue can offer its own branded wipes. A fantastic marketing tool for encouraging repeat custom or that serves as a fond reminder of your customer’s holiday.

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Like many businesses, we are very much looking ahead to what the future may hold. Currently, we are still uncertain as to when life will return to “normal”, however, with the threat of COVID still prevalent, the travel and tourism industry could have the most to lose if cases begin to rise once again.

As we have outlined above, Guardpack‘s range of antibacterial wet wipes offer instant protection against infection in different circumstances. In the long run, they may also offer protection to your business’ survival too.

To find out more about our range of products contact Guardpack on 01245 505 807 or by emailing trade@guardpack.co.uk. There is also the option to fill out our online contact form.

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