UK cosmetic regulations

A Quick Guide to Cosmetic Regulations in the UK

Keeping up with cosmetic regulations can be difficult. With the UK having left the EU after the referendum in 2016 there are some changes to these rules that you should be familiar with. Here at Guardpack, we have been working with legalisations for years and so we know how to adapt to any changes that may be bought in. As a smaller cosmetics company, it may seem overwhelming and so we wanted to share some of the key points with you to ensure you are in the loop on the latest regulations.

What Has Changed in The New Cosmetic Regulations?

On the surface, these new regulations look rather similar to the EU ones, however, there are a few key changes that stand out.

Submit Cosmetic Product Notification (SCPN) Portal

This new regulation states that any and every cosmetic product needs to be notified via this portal before it can be legally allowed to be sold and placed on the British market, this notification has to be undertaken by the Responsible Person (RP), the same way as with the old EU regulations, however, the new legislation states that the RP needs to be based within the United Kingdom. Despite the title, the RP isn’t necessarily a person, rather a business. Unless the client owns the formula, the RP should be the manufacturer due to formulas usually being confidential. They are responsible for not only submitting the notification to the portal, but also ensuring product information is correct.

Labelling Changes

If you are planning to sell your product within the EU as well as the UK, an EU and UK address are both required. This means that if there are issues with products, customers are able to get in touch with manufacturers or businesses with ease. It allows for a transparency between consumer and manufacturer. As well as this, as per the new cosmetic regulations, all cosmetic products that are imported must be labelled as such. If your product was made within the European Union, simply putting ‘made in the EU’ is not enough. The labels should include the specific country in which the product was manufactured.

Cosmetic Regulations and Guardpack

At Guardpack, we are able to register your products free of charge and act as your RP. This can help to lighten the menial tasks your business will have to wade through. We are experts on this type of legislation and know the cosmetic regulations like the backs of our hands. Compliance to these regulations is key and failure to comply due to lack of understanding may have disastrous consequences for your business. Allowing experts to take charge of this for you can minimise, if not eliminate, the risk of mistakes. Not only can we act as the RP in the UK for your products, but we can also act as the RP in the EU and register your products free of charge under Guardpack (Ireland) LTD.

If you’re looking to place new sachet and wet wipe products on the UK or EU markets, why not do so through us? Get in touch with our team today to find out more about cosmetic regulations and how they may affect your cosmetics business. Call our friendly team on 01245 505 807, or email us at

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