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5 Ways to Fight Workplace Bacteria With Antibacterial Wipes

No matter your job, maintaining a sanitary workspace is crucial and antibacterial wipes can be a huge help here. From a corporate office to the food industry, keeping your working environment clean should be at the top of your priority list.

Keeping the last few years in mind, the fight against germs is one we know only too well. That being said, with the right tools at your disposal, the battle against bacteria needn’t be a strenuous one. The tools in question are, of course, disposable antibacterial wipes, such as the ones we manufacture here at Guardpack. In this blog, we have listed 5 ways to ensure your workspace is kept as clean as can be!

Surfaces and equipment

If you’re going to forget to clean anything, the surfaces you work at and equipment you work with are unlikely to be it. Even so, it’s certainly worth mentioning as antibacterial wipes are perfect for safely cleaning hard surfaces. From desks and worktops, to drawer fronts and fridge doors, our wipes will carefully sanitise the area and kill any lingering germs.

Every handle you use!

One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to cleaning are the handles of… just about everything. Door handles, cupboard handles, fridge and microwave handles, even the irritatingly small handles on a filing cabinet. These are all high-touch surfaces, often touched by multiple people throughout the day. It takes a matter of moments to give a handle a quick clean with a disposable wipe, and will do much to keep your workplace clean and hygienic.

Food trays

The trays used in most establishments often receive nothing more than a feeble wipe from a damp cloth. Not only is this a pitiful attempt at cleaning; but the lackluster wipe may spread germs around even more. We strongly recommend antibacterial wipes when it comes to cleaning your trays. This is a simple solution that will ensure plates piled high with food are at no risk of contamination.

Computer keyboards

Antibacterial wipes are typically more prevalent in food preparation areas, but it’s a good idea for offices to have a stock of them, too! This rings true whether your office has a kitchen area or not – take your keyboard, for example. Do you have any idea how much bacteria is hidden amongst the keys? Take our word for it, you’re better off not knowing! Instead, put your mind at ease by giving your keyboard a simple wipe down and type safely once again.

Chair arm rests

Your keyboard shouldn’t be the only thing in your desk area to receive a clean, of course. We’ve already covered surfaces and equipment – all of which are likely to be high-touch surfaces, should you work in an office – but how about your desk chair? When it comes to cleaning, chairs are often forgotten, but the arm rests especially could probably do with a wipe down. Take a look at the wipe after giving them a once over – you’ll be surprised!

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