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3 Things to Consider When Choosing A Private Label Wet Wipes Manufacturer

Choosing the ideal private label wet wipes manufacturer for your brand is unlikely to be the easiest job. As the products produced will be frequently used by consumers, ensuring you’ve chosen a trustworthy manufacturer is paramount.

Wet wipes are considered by many to be a staple, in both domestic and commercial settings. Countless wipes are used daily for anything from removing makeup to cleaning factory equipment. Despite being exceedingly popular products prior to the pandemic, Covid-19 only saw the demand for wet wipes grow. This, in turn, saw many manufacturers address the harm wet wipes can cause to the environment by producing more eco-friendly products. This is the kind of resourceful and innovative manufacturer you’ll want to have on board. But sustainability – however important – isn’t the only thing to consider.

Here, the Guardpack team have detailed three important considerations when choosing a private label wet wipes manufacturer:

Does this private label wet wipes manufacturer use a wide range of materials and technologies?

Innovation and resources are required to ensure consistent quality. With biodegradable and eco-friendly wet wipes becoming more and more sought after, your chosen manufacturer will need to have the right tech and materials in order to produce the safe, sustainable and effective products you’re after.

Do they offer customised product creation?

Whether your wipes are for personal care, hospitality, or anything in between, adding your own flair to each product is strongly advisable. The best manufacturers will be able to expertly craft a unique product, with your needs in mind. Everything from packaging options to bespoke formulas should be made to order.

Do their products pass the required tests?

It’s essential that your wipes are proven to be safe for their intended purpose. Especially those that are for personal use on skin! Ensure your chosen private label wet wipes manufacturer has cosmetic product safety reports for all formulas used on the skin and is able to register them for you on both the UK and EU cosmetic portals. In addition, it is important to make sure the company utilises production processes that are fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Standards and are producing wet wipes to EDANA standards. The final product should only be trusted if the manufacturer can produce the necessary Safety Data Sheets and certification documents.

Whilst the above three considerations certainly stand out, there are other things to bear in mind, too! Pricing and deliverability, for example. You’ll also ideally want the job done quickly, without quality being compromised. A rare advantage offered by Guardpack is that we offer product runs as low as 2,000 units! These are perfect for smaller businesses that don’t need a huge order. Or else, businesses that want to trial a new product.

With the popularity and consumption of wet wipes continuing to grow across many industries, fierce competition is inevitable. Be sure to choose a manufacturer that can get you ahead of your competitors.

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